Searching hamsterSo I’m still sitting in a hotel room fretting the fact that our moving truck is STILL not here. And I start school… TOMORROW!!! Hopes dashed once again. Our moving company has said that the truck will arrive anywhere from August 31st to September 9th. What the — REALLY?! We loaded on August 27th. We had hoped that loading it early like that would garuntee a decent delivery time. It’s a two day trip. They have two other moves on the truck as ours this time around is a small one. But COME ON! Our stuff is in the middle of the truck and you’re telling me that it’s taken a week for the other move to get the hell out of the way?

//START rant//
Angry hard coreI’m a little more than miffed for the Universe just feels like it’s constantly against me. Yes, I know I have my health and wealth and bla bla bla. But it doesn’t change that nothing good really happens anymore. It’s as though I finally have one good thing happen and it’s nothing but bad for months on end after it. I strongly believe in Karma so what the frak have I done that is so bad? I suffered through a decade of being bullied wasn’t that bad enough? Nope apparently not. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
//END rant//

Lace cream-pink

So I’m not sure if I’ve spoken of this before but I love to watch people playing video games. Odd enjoyment I know, however it’s the only way I actually get to see more than just a snippet of the game. I’m not the best player as I get frustrated easily and have a tendency to just give up on a game for a while when I start loosing or I get stuck. Thus I have a bunch of games where I’ve been stuck for a decade. (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) The main reason for that is that I’m also extremely stubborn and refuse to cheat by looking up the solution. For the last two years I’ve also been living with only one TV set and when I’m at the TV so is my Mom so I don’t get the time to play my xbox or playstation anymore. Therefore I really like watching video games so I can see the parts of games I’d probably never get too. I never Random NESthought of this previously but people have posted their walkthroughs on YouTube… ⊙0⊙ How did I not know this previously!! Therefore, I’ve just discovered the joy of the game Portal (behind the times I know). I’ve always known about the game and knew it’s awesomeness but it’s been fun to experience it first hand. I’m also a big fan of the plot summaries on Wikipedia. It’s really explained a lot about the games I’ve always loved but never knew their whole stories. So I’ve read the plots of Portal 1 & 2 and understand what they’re about. Really interesting stories actually and I’d love to read the comic that was released about Rattman. Ooop, my hardcore nerd side coming out right here! (#^.^#) None-the-less I’ve skimmed through the walkthroughs of those two games on YouTube now and am currently obsessed with the tongue and cheek songs that were featured in the closing credits. Been listening to them on repeat ad-nauseum for a day now. Bwahahahahahha. I think my next venture on the walkthrough circuit will be a return to my young adulthood and revisit Half-Life. Stick with the same universe for a bit and then I think I’ll view the Bio-Shock series. Awesome. (°∀°)b