Pack, Pack, Pack senora packing all the night…

Sleepy sweepy So it’s been a ridiculously LOOOOOOONG day of packing. Thus I’m UBER tired. I mean UBER UBER tired. ( ̄。 ̄)~zzz

Thankfully I’ve had some great company! My friend Krista has spent the day over knitting as I packed. It’s been wonderfully patient of her to sit around and watch us pack. Thankfully I’ve been amusing her as I pack. Apparently my packing methods are less… than… normal. Due to my injury I sit down as I pack. Packing boxes isn’t easily done from a chair as the boxes are too far down for me to comfortably reach. So I’ve resolved the problem by using an old milk crate and a pillow. While doing so instead of standing up to get things across the room I butt scootch on my box. This seriously amuses Krista. LOL giggle hamster

Food ramen

Yesterday I went for dinner with a friend of mine: Christie. Our awesome night was summed up on her blog here. We went to BP’s I had my usual: a spinach salad (no mushrooms and regular lettuce) then a perogie pizza. I LOVE the perogie pizza there, you get the best of both worlds: cactus cut potatoes and pizza. Throw in some bacon and cheese – well you’re rolling in heaven there. °٢,,°

Alrighty, that’s it for today as I’m pooped and it’s time to go make dinner now. Homemade mac & cheese with hot dogs (although none for Krista as she’s a veggie-ite) and broccoli. Love me that comfort food! You know, if I don’t pass out first. Sleepy passed out



Shock pika shock Shocking I know! I haven’t died! It’s been a busy and yet completely unbusy summer… if that makes any sense at all.

I’m heading back to school in: Excited balloon bounce

∑(゜Д゜;) THIRTEEN DAYS! Yikes! I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. If that makes any sense.

We’re gearing up for our move next week so it’s been busy busy busy packing.  I’ve gotten all of my school supplies together and cute-i-fied. . o O ( Not a word, I know ^u^) I’ve re-decorated two of my old backpacks, I mean they’re perfectly good backpacks – they were just ugly. So now they aren’t. One has the grumpy sheep that was featured in the last post I made (by Tasty Peach Studios) the other features a bad little kitty that’s gotten into a bowl of ramen. I’ll post photos when I’ve unpacked it again. (✿◠‿◠)

Alice readingAnd thus in a few short week’s I’ll be back in the swing of stress and hopefully settled into our new (very small) apartment. It’s an adorable little flat in an old heritage house. I’m kind of excited for it but Mom thinks it’s going to be too small. I think that’s the real reason that they’ve invented noise cancelling headphones. Not for the plane. ( ´∀`)

So the move happens next Tuesday! Tomorrow we have the joy of going out for a girl’s night.heart martini


Tasty Peach Studios

Been working on a plushie cover for my backpack. This time I’ve done a Tasty Peach Studio’s fan art of her amazing Grumpy Sheep! You should check her out!

grumpy sheep

CSS Love

Happy rolly rollySo I’ve been keeping myself busy the last few weeks teaching myself CSS – cascading style sheet. It’s been really fun. How you ask? Well like I taught myself things as a child: by taking them apart. It’s all been through trial and error as well as by tweaking other peoples code to make it look and feel different. Thereby learning what it all means.

Today I wanted to try something new – now don’t get me wrong I am so where near knowledgable when it comes to this coding stuff. But I wanted something advanced and spiffy in my page. WELL!! That was a bad idea. Went in search of it and learned I know face palmprecisely diddly/squat when it comes to CSS. Turns out real webpages – opposed to the pretend ones I’m making – use different pages of the .css or .php extensions. SO not how I’m learning it. Essentially I’m making my little pages with CSS that’s only a small upgrade from basic HTML.

LOL giggle hamsterBwahahahaha! Gotta love getting schooled.

I did, however, find a potential way to work a piece of HTML coding that achieves what I want into the page. Only catch is I have to figure out how to test it out visually. Confused? My specialty.

What I’m trying to do is change a portion of text on the page based on what time of day it is. Ultimately I wanted to understand the code enough to be able to change said text based on what week of the month it is. Right now the piece of coding deals with changing an image based on time of day. I might have to revamp my idea to make each little section a picture instead… everywhere I’ve looked it speaks nothing of changing text.

pastel stars

I did feel accomplished for a little while with the site I have up and running. . o O ( and no you may not see it as it’s part of a deep seeded secret of mine XP ) Until the head of the guild that I made it for veto’ed it, calling it annoying.

Angry mini bear

RAWR >O<“”

Worst part is she didn’t elaborate on what was annoying. Dude, if you don’t like it fine: tell me what to fix. Don’t just say it’s annoying, sounding allrude about it and walk away. It’s not like I’m getting paid to do this! But I’d taken the high route and asked her for guidance. Annoying on my part is she’s super busy all the time and it takes forever to get a response from her.



Christmas Success!

xmas lil tree

WAHOO! Christmas has been another great success! Mom adores her presents. That one I had to hint to in the November photo a day? I got her a Lego set of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. SO cool. I also got her some new colourful gloves from Coach (yes they were a fortune but worth every penny). A billion DVDs… alright not THAT many, but a ton. The best piece, I feel was the signed copy of Jim Butcher’s latest book Cold Front. Shipped it in from a little bookstore in Florida, worth every penny!

building snowglobe innLike last year we spent Christmas at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. Pampered every second of everyday, perfect food, beautiful scenery. A great way to celebrate my favourite holiday without our complete family. I was having internet issues on the best present I got for Christmas (a new macbook! ^.^) and ended up meeting one of the owners of the hotel. The two gentlemen, brothers, who own the hotel come and say hello to all the tables in the dining room on Christmas day so I’ve talked briefly with them. This, however, was a grand adventure. I met one of their wives, Rosalie. She invited me downstairs to her office/storage hall to check out the internet. We ended up chatting for a while. It turns out that she had noticed my Mom and I last night at dinner. She adored the fact that we have such grand style. While we were fiddling with the internet she noticed that I’ve set my computer so that it highlights things in pink. (No surprise there huh.) She asked if I could teach her how. After doing so she boasted how she’ll be the envy of all her friends and that she was so excited that it was I who showed her. She told me that she really admired the way I dress and present myself. -=^.^=- Pretty amazing compliment considering she’s such a jet setter!

xmas black kitty

We’ve had an amazing visit once again. We go home with smiles on our faces having done nothing for four days. Ahhh Bliss. That being said I’m happy to be getting home. I really miss Spike this year. I think it’s because I was away from him for 45 days this year. Being so close to him it’s been hard. But I get kitty cuddles tomorrow! . o O ( and probably a lecture for being gone. ><” )

bow lil pink

Now all that’s left this year is deciding what to wear as my make-up for New Years Eve! I got a beautiful dress that I wore Christmas day and plan on wearing for my yearly ritual of having dinner with one of my besties at a bad Chinese place (always empty on NYE), watching the fireworks in the cold at Churchill Square and then doing something completely random! Last year we went to a hipster (*ptooie*) party. As much as I hate hipsters, the host had some great friends. Luckily the one I became good friends with a) isn’t a hipster and b) just moved back to town. So she’ll be joining us this year for the festivities! I’m very excited.

Cake Pops

Oh I’ve been busy with preparations for the Christmas party we’re having on Saturday! Went shopping yesterday, made the potstickers, cherry springrolls and the cake for tomorrow’s project:


I am seriously excited about this, if you can’t tell. This will be my first foray into cake pop making – but with my love of decorating I’m confident. ^_^ Just so long as there’s no more wedding cakes in my future! I’m planning on making the little stocking, the peppermint and a few not pictured! I will actually take photos this time – remembering to upload them as well. I have taken photos of Halloween, I just keep forgetting to upload them from the camera. ><”

If you can’t tell I’ve given up (yet again!) on the photo a day thing. I don’t really care for this month’s photo themes. Today’s was “vehicle”… just too boring for me. I think if next month’s are as boring then I’ll need to think outside the box for them. More abstract.

In OTHER news, we’re headed to Lake Louise again for Christmas this year. I’m ever so excited. It made last year so magical. Mainly? I’m looking forward to two things: Mom opening her presents, there’s some good ones mixed in with all the boring and the food… oh the food…

I’m so excited I just can’t wait! Is Christmas here yet?

Day 25

Today’s pic o the day is Sky. Well that’s not very interesting. Imagine a white cloud floating on a white sky while white falls from them. That’s the sky right now: White. … Like I said: boring!
I, however, have an exciting day ahead! I’m going out to lunch with a dear friend. He just finished his third degree black belt exam yesterday and we’re going to celebrate. I’m so excited!

This week is going to be exciting. Our Christmas party is on Saturday so we’ll/I’ll be decorating the house for Christmas, cleaning up, cooking, grocery shopping – Oh it’ll be fun fun fun! I think one of my favourite things at Christmas time is decorating the house. We just have so much to decorate with, the house always looks so festive when we’re done! Now if we could only find a 12 foot false tree… Then the house would be PERFECT! My 7 foot tree is a little dwarfed by our lovely proscenium arch.