phew pandaPhew! I’m starting to use so many amazing images from different people that I felt it was time to say a gigantic thank you and lead you to their talent! I’ve made a complete list of the artists that I will or have used. My pixel collection is growing pretty much every day and so you may not have seen any of the artist’s work yet.

    • The majority of my pixels come from the Pixel peach community on LiveJournal. Unfortunately you have to have a LiveJournal account to access said pixels. Not too hard, but inconvenient if you don’t have one already.

travel pony

    • MissLadyMinx @ deviantart has made some of my larger animated pixels. She’s new in my collection so keep an eye out for her work!

sleepy moon kitty

    • rOse-designs @ deviantart has made many of my sleeping kitty, shooting stars and fuzzy warm feeling pixels. I really love her unique and cute designs.

winky ghost

    • CherriBlossomRain @ deviantart made this little winky ghost. She has a bunch of large pixels that I really like but I’m not sure I’ll use them. None-the-less she’s on my “to watch” list!

food happy pudding

    • UntitledJoy @ deviantart has made some really great food based pixels as well as my other favourite kind: kitties! She’s no longer producing pixels on this account, but she has posted some to her new one (which I cannot use.)

happy jukebox

    • PaintBrushy @ deviantart has made some of the sweetest pixels! I really like her unique approach to using uncommon items like the jukebox!

Hugs virtual

    • Synfull @ devianart made the cute emoticons featuring the circle people! Love that she has a wide range of emotions.

I know that I will continue to collect pixels so keep an eye on this page for more updates as I find more artists!