Who me?

Well I’m almost 30.
I love everything to do with food. I‘ve been a chef for the past 10 years and now, due to injury, I have to find a new profession. I’m currently lost  . o O ( I’m always lost… ) and have no ideas. I have an idea!! I was inspired by photos released for Hubble telescope’s 22 anniversary. On March 5th I was accepted to my number one choice University for astronomy. As of September 4th I will have started my classes and so far I’m still excited. Although I’m sure exams might change that. ( ´∀`)

I’ve fallen in love with the Lolita fashion from Japan. It’s sweet, cute and oh so lovely. I call myself a “closet” Lolita for the fact that I doubt I’ll ever own any Lolita fashion – I seem to be too tall and too… busty to be able to wear brand, which I love the most and I don’t feel right about replicas. Makes me sad but I will always admire it from a far an adore anyone who wears it. (。♥‿♥。)

I dream of traveling the world. I want to return to Paris and see the rest of France. I’d love to tour the Italian countryside and see Milan. I dream of dancing the night away in Ibiza. Eating at the Fat Duck in England. Searching for the lochness in Scotland. Visiting the town my father was born in in Germany. Toasting the sunset in Greece. Enjoying Moroccan cuisine.

I want to will visit LA for IMATS one day, San Diego for Comicon (and the zoo), Las Vegas for Project Vegas and Viva Las Vegas (a rockabilly weekend), returning to Salem, MA to really explore the town better and New York for, of course, the food.

  This blog?

It’s basically filled with my ramblings about food, fashion, traveling, my cats, my day-to-day life, my inspirations, my cats, my fears, my celebrations and my cats. . o O ( Why yes I am a crazy cat lady in training! ) Enjoy!

. o O ((Where did I get all these great pixel arts? Look here!))