(* ̄m ̄)

//Start Rant//

Really? REALLY? Really. It’s the second week of classes, my fourth math class today and we just wrote a midterm. Yup, you read Angry mini bearthat correctly. Math 100 apparently likes to rape it’s victims – sorry, students. The last week and a half have been hectic and hell. I’m behind in all my readings and note taking. Not the way I wanted to start my triumphant return to University.

Thankfully as of 5 pm that’s all done with for a week or two.  -`д´- I mean I guess I expected it. Culinary school was a breeze for me, probably because it came second nature. I write my exams before 5 pm with the RCSD (resource centre for students with disabilities) – I have severe test anxiety due to my chemical imbalance – because of this I wrote my exam from 2-5pm instead of with everyone else at 630pm. Yup, they’ve started scheduling exams at night so that all the sections of a course can write them together at the same time. Why? Because of cut backs. Thank you Mr. Education minister. Your cut backs of 16% this year has now trickled down onto the students and not just in their tuition. ((( ̄へ ̄井)

//End Rant//
Lace black-teal

This weekend my plans consist of welcoming home my Mom back from sprucing up the Edmonton house for selling it, going to chapters and getting calculus for dummies, getting an ipad mini for all my retardedly heavy textbooks so I can have them as ebooks and have them at school, and catching up!

In other news I’ve finally gotten into the Walking Dead series. F-cking addictive much? Course I knew it would be as I really do love zombie stuff.  (¬‿¬) Whelp, it’s time for bed. So happy to get a decent sleep tonight… well with luck that is.

Sweet Dreams!Sleepy kitty cloud



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