Week 1.5

Happy march of the emotes

So it’s been a week and a half of school now and so far I’m loving being back. I’m enjoying all of my classes, despite Math being killer! I’ve made a few friends right off the bat which is AWESOME! ヾ(^-^)ノ I’m not going to lie I was a little worried that I wouldn’t. But as a close friend of mine reminded me: I’m awesome, I’m bound to make friends. I think making friends here has also been helped by the fact that I went to orientation and got this awesome little booklet of surviving first year. A tidbit in the book said to just strike up a conversation with the people next to me, after all they’re in their first year as well and are just as lost and nervous as me! So far it’s worked GREAT!

Actually my closest friend here so far I met after class when I said and asked a question to the teacher. She has this great method of staying after class and listening to the questions that everyone else is asking the prof for extra learning benefit. Excited arm shakeCan you say BEST IDEA EVER!? It’s sad that the only class I cannot do this in is Chemistry as my Chem and Physics are back to back. Oh well, so far Chemistry has been really straight forward. Dr. Briggs is a great teacher and I enjoy his style so I don’t forsee any issues that I might have in this area.

I’ve made a few other friends because of her too! Oh yeah, “she” is Thea (pronounced Tia) – you know for future reference.  (☆^ー^☆) The other friend whom I see becoming close to is Jakob. He’s a “technical” first year like me. He attempted twoClapping HK years of electrical engineering a few years ago and like most of us first years drank and partied too much. He then went on to get his welding ticket and has been working in the field in, coincidentally, Edmonton. He’s currently planning on going back into engineering but for computing science this time around. He wants to do software development. Very cool.

I just met Tyler today who is in my physics class and now my lab partner. He got his degree in Philosophy 7 or so years ago and has now realized that there isn’t much of a financially secure future in it thus he’s returned to school. He gave me some awesome advice today about my math class (he’s having to retake them): there’s links to video content on our homework site and they work through the lecture material at a slower pace; with the availability to REWIND! So glad I now know about this. I think that this weekend I’ll give the videos a go and see if they help. If they do but not enough then my plan is to get a tutor. Better to start early and get everything down pat!

Winnie the pooh emoticons

As for the move… well our stuff finally got here on the first day of classes September 4th. I’m happy that I had my stuff for

Mail many faces of writing

second day at least. Thankfully during orientation we got these nifty little backpacks full of awesome stuff and one thing was a notebook! SO great. I meant that I actually had paper to write on. (●⌒∇⌒●) It took us all weekend to unpack it which means I really didn’t study this last weekend but the plan is to study study study this weekend to make up! Can’t let myself get behind.

Hoofing it around campus has been fun…ish. I’ve had to re-invest in a cane for the fact that people are rude and push into Happy friends with youyou if you’re just walking slowly. Now at least they have so much more respect and go around me. I’ve even had the majority of people hold open doors, let me sit at the front of the bus, give me the good seats in class… it’s really been the best thing EVER. Plus I got myself a spiffy rainbow butterfly cane from Shoppers. Now to make a crocheted wrist band so I can keep a hold of it better! Of course the key here is finding time.

Mom’s headed back to Edmonton for the week to get the house ready to go back on the market. She’s there to supervise the installation of the granite countertops and to clean the place from top to bottom. But the most important reason she Love planetwent back is to attend the wedding of her dear friend Sandra. Sandra is somewhat of an idol to me. She’s 45+ and this is her first marriage. Up until now she’s always had cats and a MOTM – Man Of The Month. (*^ワ^*)Then she met Jean and it’s really been a love story. Gives me hope for being older and still finding true love.

That’s it for now! I’m just waiting for my chemistry class to start and I think I’m going to read my heafty math textbook seeing as I dragged it all this way and it’s freaking HEAVY, especially combined with my computer and other materials ☆⌒(>。≪). Cheers!


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