Pack, Pack, Pack senora packing all the night…

Sleepy sweepy So it’s been a ridiculously LOOOOOOONG day of packing. Thus I’m UBER tired. I mean UBER UBER tired. ( ̄。 ̄)~zzz

Thankfully I’ve had some great company! My friend Krista has spent the day over knitting as I packed. It’s been wonderfully patient of her to sit around and watch us pack. Thankfully I’ve been amusing her as I pack. Apparently my packing methods are less… than… normal. Due to my injury I sit down as I pack. Packing boxes isn’t easily done from a chair as the boxes are too far down for me to comfortably reach. So I’ve resolved the problem by using an old milk crate and a pillow. While doing so instead of standing up to get things across the room I butt scootch on my box. This seriously amuses Krista. LOL giggle hamster

Food ramen

Yesterday I went for dinner with a friend of mine: Christie. Our awesome night was summed up on her blog here. We went to BP’s I had my usual: a spinach salad (no mushrooms and regular lettuce) then a perogie pizza. I LOVE the perogie pizza there, you get the best of both worlds: cactus cut potatoes and pizza. Throw in some bacon and cheese – well you’re rolling in heaven there. °٢,,°

Alrighty, that’s it for today as I’m pooped and it’s time to go make dinner now. Homemade mac & cheese with hot dogs (although none for Krista as she’s a veggie-ite) and broccoli. Love me that comfort food! You know, if I don’t pass out first. Sleepy passed out


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