CSS Love

Happy rolly rollySo I’ve been keeping myself busy the last few weeks teaching myself CSS – cascading style sheet. It’s been really fun. How you ask? Well like I taught myself things as a child: by taking them apart. It’s all been through trial and error as well as by tweaking other peoples code to make it look and feel different. Thereby learning what it all means.

Today I wanted to try something new – now don’t get me wrong I am so where near knowledgable when it comes to this coding stuff. But I wanted something advanced and spiffy in my page. WELL!! That was a bad idea. Went in search of it and learned I know face palmprecisely diddly/squat when it comes to CSS. Turns out real webpages – opposed to the pretend ones I’m making – use different pages of the .css or .php extensions. SO not how I’m learning it. Essentially I’m making my little pages with CSS that’s only a small upgrade from basic HTML.

LOL giggle hamsterBwahahahaha! Gotta love getting schooled.

I did, however, find a potential way to work a piece of HTML coding that achieves what I want into the page. Only catch is I have to figure out how to test it out visually. Confused? My specialty.

What I’m trying to do is change a portion of text on the page based on what time of day it is. Ultimately I wanted to understand the code enough to be able to change said text based on what week of the month it is. Right now the piece of coding deals with changing an image based on time of day. I might have to revamp my idea to make each little section a picture instead… everywhere I’ve looked it speaks nothing of changing text.

pastel stars

I did feel accomplished for a little while with the site I have up and running. . o O ( and no you may not see it as it’s part of a deep seeded secret of mine XP ) Until the head of the guild that I made it for veto’ed it, calling it annoying.

Angry mini bear

RAWR >O<“”

Worst part is she didn’t elaborate on what was annoying. Dude, if you don’t like it fine: tell me what to fix. Don’t just say it’s annoying, sounding allrude about it and walk away. It’s not like I’m getting paid to do this! But I’d taken the high route and asked her for guidance. Annoying on my part is she’s super busy all the time and it takes forever to get a response from her.




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