Christmas Success!

xmas lil tree

WAHOO! Christmas has been another great success! Mom adores her presents. That one I had to hint to in the November photo a day? I got her a Lego set of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. SO cool. I also got her some new colourful gloves from Coach (yes they were a fortune but worth every penny). A billion DVDs… alright not THAT many, but a ton. The best piece, I feel was the signed copy of Jim Butcher’s latest book Cold Front. Shipped it in from a little bookstore in Florida, worth every penny!

building snowglobe innLike last year we spent Christmas at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. Pampered every second of everyday, perfect food, beautiful scenery. A great way to celebrate my favourite holiday without our complete family. I was having internet issues on the best present I got for Christmas (a new macbook! ^.^) and ended up meeting one of the owners of the hotel. The two gentlemen, brothers, who own the hotel come and say hello to all the tables in the dining room on Christmas day so I’ve talked briefly with them. This, however, was a grand adventure. I met one of their wives, Rosalie. She invited me downstairs to her office/storage hall to check out the internet. We ended up chatting for a while. It turns out that she had noticed my Mom and I last night at dinner. She adored the fact that we have such grand style. While we were fiddling with the internet she noticed that I’ve set my computer so that it highlights things in pink. (No surprise there huh.) She asked if I could teach her how. After doing so she boasted how she’ll be the envy of all her friends and that she was so excited that it was I who showed her. She told me that she really admired the way I dress and present myself. -=^.^=- Pretty amazing compliment considering she’s such a jet setter!

xmas black kitty

We’ve had an amazing visit once again. We go home with smiles on our faces having done nothing for four days. Ahhh Bliss. That being said I’m happy to be getting home. I really miss Spike this year. I think it’s because I was away from him for 45 days this year. Being so close to him it’s been hard. But I get kitty cuddles tomorrow! . o O ( and probably a lecture for being gone. ><” )

bow lil pink

Now all that’s left this year is deciding what to wear as my make-up for New Years Eve! I got a beautiful dress that I wore Christmas day and plan on wearing for my yearly ritual of having dinner with one of my besties at a bad Chinese place (always empty on NYE), watching the fireworks in the cold at Churchill Square and then doing something completely random! Last year we went to a hipster (*ptooie*) party. As much as I hate hipsters, the host had some great friends. Luckily the one I became good friends with a) isn’t a hipster and b) just moved back to town. So she’ll be joining us this year for the festivities! I’m very excited.


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