Cake Pops

Oh I’ve been busy with preparations for the Christmas party we’re having on Saturday! Went shopping yesterday, made the potstickers, cherry springrolls and the cake for tomorrow’s project:


I am seriously excited about this, if you can’t tell. This will be my first foray into cake pop making – but with my love of decorating I’m confident. ^_^ Just so long as there’s no more wedding cakes in my future! I’m planning on making the little stocking, the peppermint and a few not pictured! I will actually take photos this time – remembering to upload them as well. I have taken photos of Halloween, I just keep forgetting to upload them from the camera. ><”

If you can’t tell I’ve given up (yet again!) on the photo a day thing. I don’t really care for this month’s photo themes. Today’s was “vehicle”… just too boring for me. I think if next month’s are as boring then I’ll need to think outside the box for them. More abstract.

In OTHER news, we’re headed to Lake Louise again for Christmas this year. I’m ever so excited. It made last year so magical. Mainly? I’m looking forward to two things: Mom opening her presents, there’s some good ones mixed in with all the boring and the food… oh the food…

I’m so excited I just can’t wait! Is Christmas here yet?


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