Day 25

Today’s pic o the day is Sky. Well that’s not very interesting. Imagine a white cloud floating on a white sky while white falls from them. That’s the sky right now: White. … Like I said: boring!
I, however, have an exciting day ahead! I’m going out to lunch with a dear friend. He just finished his third degree black belt exam yesterday and we’re going to celebrate. I’m so excited!

This week is going to be exciting. Our Christmas party is on Saturday so we’ll/I’ll be decorating the house for Christmas, cleaning up, cooking, grocery shopping – Oh it’ll be fun fun fun! I think one of my favourite things at Christmas time is decorating the house. We just have so much to decorate with, the house always looks so festive when we’re done! Now if we could only find a 12 foot false tree… Then the house would be PERFECT! My 7 foot tree is a little dwarfed by our lovely proscenium arch.


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