Something Awesome

Going Christmas shopping yet again today! I’m so excited. I love shopping for other people! Awe, heck I love shopping for me too – I just love shopping! My mystery present from the other day has shipped, can’t wait for it to get here. Hopefully our [BAD!] ups driver isn’t a dink and leaves it out in the snow again. He’s is just so irritating. He signs for packages because he doesn’t want to wait for someone in the house to receive it, he leaves things in puddles… Our next door neighbour had their new phone package stolen because the ups guy just left it in the mailbox and forged a siggie. And yes, we’ve complained. But it’s the three warning crap unions have to do. ><”

…Today’s challenge: something awesome.

Oh because that narrowed it down!

I’d like to point you to my banner as today’s photo of the day. I’m a little obsessed with my four little characters as they are the first Christmas characters I’ve designed all by myself! they’re kinda awesome. ^u^


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