Day 17 // Day off

Oh, I’m so happy to have a day off. I know – I work from home, isn’t every day a day off? Technically yes, but there’s so much I’ve been doing the last few weeks that I’m pooped. Putting the Christmas spirit back in our house is a lot of work! Today’s plan is to sit at the computer and do all of my images for the Christmas party in two weeks, put together invitations and get them sent off. Awe man, I do have to go grocery shopping though. We don’t have anything for dinner. I don’t feel particularly inspired today.

So day 17 is the last thing I purchased… well that can’t be posted. The last things I’ve purchased are Christmas presents and the recipient of the gift may read this post and we can’t have the surprised ruined! So I’ll post a teaser picture instead.















Until tomorrow!


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