Day… Uh…

Oh man, I’m so bad at this. … Well to be fair I have felt under-the-weather the last two days. Got my flu shot and phhhhhttttttbbbbbt – I feel like crrrap! But I’m here today!

So November 16: the view from my room. Well this is the view from the home office about a week ago. It had just snowed – a lot. The photo doesn’t show the sheer amount of snow: a foot and a half in one day. Oh yes, and one of the million spider plants we have in the house. I’ve banned Mom from cutting anymore shoots off and starting new pots. We have like 12 of them. I like them as no matter what I do I can’t kill them. Which is a first for black thumbed me.

Until tomorrow (promise I’ll update!) have a fantasmaglorious day! I’m going Christmas shopping! After all there’s only 39 days until Christmas! . o O (Which means there’s only 33 days until my Birthday! WAHOO!)


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