Whaaaaaat?! She’s back?

Phew, thank goodness. My apologies, in case anyone is actually reading this… I went on that motorcycle trip: 45 days and well over 12,000 km! Then it was wedding month. I was a bridesmaid in one on the August long weekend, then both the maid of honour and cake baker/maker/decorator at one at the end of August.

We then went to northern BC to see our cabin – what a disaster that is.

So I am back home. Had an amazing halloween party! Had friends over for a dinner – amazing food! Made by me of course. ^_^ Everyone looked amazing in their costumes! . o O (those were mandatory! Of course!)

Right now I’m planning for a Christmas party, making Christmas crafts, playing my silly games and helping mom (where I can) with getting the house ready to move!


Phew: quite the summer. Trust me – that’s the abridged version!

Going to try this again, late start I know – but I swear I’ll stick to it this month and next! I am planning on being home so it shouldn’t be TOO hard.








SO day 12: Drink.

The following image IS NOT MINE! I do not own the rights, nor anything else to it. I was not prepared for today and am therefore cheating. The following is an image of my current obsessing over drink: the cake batter martini! It’s flavour is very similar to a white russian – only better. I mean about 100 times better. That and how can you go wrong with sprinkles in a drink? That’s right. You can’t! Here’s the link to the original site and owner of the photos: The Novice Chef.

Made these at my Halloween party with black and orange sprinkles. SO FUN! And yes, I will be drinking them at my Christmas party with aptly themed sprinkles. … alright I’ll be drinking them pretty much all the time no matter what! ^_^

So that’s it for now! See you (whoever you might be) tomorrow!



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