Photo a day May 16

Yea yea yea I know I’ve missed a few days now. I’ve been holed up in my little neopets bubble. Man I love how it just sucks the time away!

I missed posting photos of “grass” and “love”… good thing I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by those. So… Here’s today’s! “what I’m reading” [decided to not post the photo a day pic again as I’m sure you all know what it looks like by now! ^.^]

It’s an English translation of the Japanese text. A book called “Spiral” by Koji Suzuki, the second book in the Ring trilogy. Yes, the books from where the movie “the ring” came from. I just finished the first book today, not 10 minutes ago. . o O (Yes so technically I’m not reading this one just yet as I haven’t actually read any text from it, but I’m starting it later in the day.) It’s actually a really great book. I haven’t seen the movie, I just know it from it’s hype and fame. The movie is a horror film and differing opinions exist from it. Some I know thought it was terrifying, others thought it stupid. The book is worth reading! I managed to find an ebook copy of all four of the ring books. I know it’s a trilogy but it has a fourth appendix book that consists of short stories that tie up loose ends and gives a little background on the characters.
I really enjoyed the book, it’s fast paced and more of a thriller/mystery than an actual horror book. I really enjoy books that are cerebral in nature and this one really gets you thinking. Not in the “meaning of life” kind of way but more in the “what would I do in this situation” kind of way.
The only down side is that sometimes you can really tell that it’s a translation. Some of the sentences don’t quite make sense. Luckily you can figure them out pretty easily and they’re so few and far between that it takes nothing away from the story.
I really recommend finding these books [ahemtorrentsahem]. I’m looking forward to reading this one.


In other news: we’re heading back home tomorrow so I’m going to write up a post dated entry for the next few days… to make it look like I’m keeping up! I’m really sad to be leaving Nelson as I really find myself at home here. At the same time it means we’re one day closer to June 4th: the day we leave on our cross country motorcycle trip! *squee*


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