Photo a day May 9

Hmm… something I do everyday. Well that’s easy! Besides the obvious necessary involuntary bodily functions the thing I do everyday is cook! I’m currently employed as a personal chef so I cook lunches and dinners everyday.

The reason I became a chef in the first place was all because of my father. He was a teacher so he had summers off the way I did when I was a kid. I remember when we first got the food network on T.V. It was all we ever watched! We’d copy down recipes and give my mom a well earned break. My mom’s cooking, to this day, is still amazing. Of course we’re all bias when it comes to our mom’s cooking, but I really do love her food. The only reason I say my dad more got me into cooking is because of the time that we’d spend baking together, the time we sit and plan out what dish we wanted to cook that night for mom. He just got me excited about it where as my mom taught me the how. I remember how my dad would meet for coffee with his best friend who was also off during the summers – they would sit and exchange recipes like two little old ladies. So my photo is of my father in all his glory cooking us pumpkin waffles one glorious morning. A good memory, a treasured memory… Something I’ll always have with me.


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