Photo a day May 8

Photo challenge day 8! Ooo, I’m doing so well, I’m so proud.

A smell I adore – that’s a taller order than you’d think. Being a chef there are so many aromas that are drool inspiring. I thought about this for a while. Sifting through the smells of baking shortbread, the sweet tinge of butter cream icing, my cotton candy bubble bath, pumpkin waffles, bubbling bacon, caramelizing onions… oh so many aromas!

Then it hit me: what is the most comforting, put me in a happy mood aroma I can think of? Gingerbread. These little beauties, and the photograph are not my creation. I’ve made them at home and they are really really cute! These tiny gingerbread houses for your tea are from Not Martha – an innovative website about food, crafts and everything in between.

And just incase you missed it, I did not take this photo and do not own it! I know there’s a lot going around the web right now about stolen photographs from beauty blogs – with people claiming them as their own. I really hate that, so I just thought that I would do a quick rant and make sure you know that this is not mine!

Until tomorrow!


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