Photo a day May early

I’m changing places tomorrow – I’m currently in Nelson BC. We’re spending the month here, testing out if we like living here. BTW, we really do! It’s a beautiful town, I feel at home here. The green is almost in full bloom already – Edmonton might have the buds showing now. I love being able to walk everywhere. Although my feet are very very tired at the end of the day… I seem to be pushing myself a little too far before I’ve fully healed. But the point is – we’re changing where we’re staying in town tomorrow. So I don’t know if I’ll have access to internet tomorrow. Surprise present time! Early photo a day post!


Hmm… day 7 – someone that inspires me. Now this is a hard one. There are so many people who inspire me! I’ve decided that I’m going to do two photos this time. A personal inspiration – someone I know personally who inspires me with everything he does. And a celebrity inspiration – someone I idolize.

Me & Petrie


My personal inspiration. While most of my close friends inspire me to keep going, Petrie is by far the more inspirational. He has a super power! He somehow always knows when I’m starting to feel down, even from across the country. He always texts me, or calls me at precisely the right moment. He always knows the right things to say. He’s encouraging of even my most insane dreams, pushes me to think harder, do better, work ha

rder, smile more, love more… He is always pushing himself further, challenging himself to try new things, immerse himself in totally alien surroundings and somehow he’s still always one of the guys. He always fits in just right. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen him sad. He knows how to keep pushing through even the toughest of times. He’s a true inspiration. I know that I would truly be lost without him and I’m ever so blessed to have him in my life.

Now my celebrity inspiration… Another hard one. I’m not sure whether I want to showcase a fashion idol, a make-up idol or a career idol. Then of course it’s narrowing down those choices!

Alright I decided! I know you didn’t see the 1/2 hour lull between those two paragraphs – but it was there! I chose the lady that has inspired me to get in shape and eat healthier. And of course, lose weight. I’m only slightly above the BMI I should be at (to be healthy) but I do have a few extra pounds I’d like to shed. For many reasons, to feel amazing and to look as amazing as this lady does!
Criss, started her journey at 197 lbs! She’s down 75 lbs and looks absolutely AMAZING.



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