Photo a day May – twofer!

Another two for one as I remembered about it very late at night – whilst fighting of the last of the nitrate poisoning.
I have a severe sensitivity to it and the grocery store lied to me…

So yesterday’s challenge was “bird”. I recently bought a beautiful necklace that has a sillouette of a crow encased in resin. The reasoning behind this isn’t the usual “crows are dark and deep” – But actually a quirk of my late father. He used to believe that whenever he was on the road and he saw a crow, or a murder of crows, that he wouldn’t get a speeding ticket. That there were no cops near by. After he passed away Mom and I went on a motorcycle trip for the first time without him. The first thing we saw when we got on the open road was a murder of crows. Since then, where ever we go we seem to have a crow following and protecting us. So to us my dad’s spirit follows us around, making sure we’re ohkay. I put myself on a mission to find a beautiful crow necklace so I know he’s always with me. (At least until I get a new tattoo. Although I’ll still wear this necklace at it is BEAUTIFUL.) Thus my photo of a necklace in a window – a shadow of a great man.

Today’s challenge was pretty easy! ME! I took a photo today of me with my photo booth on my computer. I’m just sitting down to start my second part of Chapter one in my grade 11 physics. I’m currently working my way through the textbook so I can write some exams, get credit for grade 11 & grade 12 physics and then apply to University science programs. I didn’t do physics in high school, I was scared of it – math and all. But to do what I want to do now, Astronomy, I need it as well as the other sciences which I already have. So I’m spending this next year upgrading my high school classes so a year from September I can attend 7-8 years of University for my doctorate. So this is a photo of me looking all studious as I sit down to do the next chapter of Physics. Oh yeah! The cute little hello kitty bow that you see is from my very talented friend Triple 7 Custom you should check out her stuff – it’s all really great!


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