Wedding cakes and wedding bliss

This summer seems to be the summer filled with weddings for me. I guess it’s getting to the point where all of my friends are getting married. There were two last year and two this year. Considering I’d never been to a wedding before I was the maid-of-honour at one of my best friend’s the January before this last one – this is a very big deal. I’m pretty sure I only have a handful of friends that aren’t married or getting married. I’m the last of a dieing breed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for my friends I could squeal. In fact, I have.
I find myself, once again, a maid-of-honour. I’m so grateful for her choosing me. Last time, though, my duties were virtually non-existent due to the fact that she had a destination wedding to keep her insane family away. When I mean insane – I meant it. One of her family members showed up to the last family reunion with a shot gun and there was a police stand off. Another believes in Dolphin Jesus – she believed that Jesus was reincarnated as a dolphin and literally worshiped all dolphin statues. That’s just the tip of that iceberg. But back to my original line of thought [SQUIRREL!].
I have absolutely no clue what a maid-of-honour does. From what I’ve read I support my bride and help her along the way. Vague enough for you? Is for me too. None-the-less I’m trying to do everything I can to help – but we live 1,600 km away! That and I’m traveling this year so putting together a bachelorette party isn’t all that easy. I really feel like I’m shirking my responsibilities. Luckily she’s very laid back about her wedding. She really wants it to be low key. Thankfully she doesn’t see it that way.

So – on to my second trouble. I promised her, oh, 10 years back that I would do her wedding cake. I’m sticking to it. Of course with the whole laid back attitude comes the “do whatever you want” clause. I’m trying to stick to a beach/ocean theme. She’s getting married on a beach at the end of August. I am having so much trouble putting this together! I have inspiration for it but every time I try to sketch it out it looks like crap. So I start looking for different inspiration. I am an artist in the respect of copying. Show me a photo of something and odds are great that I can duplicate it. One cake that I showed her, she loved. Great! Only when you google that specific cake a million and one of them come up. I know what I create won’t be perfectly unique. (I subscribe to the idea that it’s all been done before we just keep improving it.) But I’d like it to be at least special. Which means “improving” that design. Changing it just a little bit so that’s it’s all hers.

I think my best bet is to just zen it out. Stop stressing about it all… maybe then it will come to me.


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