From start to finish all in one day! It’s so beautiful!! I think there’s some holes but they’ll hafta wait to be filled once all the glue dries this time around.
I’m very proud of it tho!
I used Swarovski elements, a silver chain necklace cut into pieces, ribbons, scrap booking adhesive pearls in various sizes and Paul my special octopus charm. He likes his new home. ^^
I didn’t end up using the pink pearls or the kwik seal caulking. The pink pearls didn’t quite fit with what I wanted to do. And the kwik seal ended up needed heavy ventilation, gloves, goggles… too many safety features for my wanting not to go out in a ridiculously blustry and snow-ish day. Ah Winter. Or rather “winter” as this year seems to be – but more on that later. I ended up using weldbond glue – hopefully it will hold. From what it advertises it should. Fingers crossed!

The materials
Finished case

Front’s bell bow
Crystal bow detail

3 thoughts on “Weeheehee!!

  1. Oh my goodness! So lovely!! I adore how you made the rhinestone bow on the back (and Paul is cute too ^^)And I understand about "winter"… there's been days lately where it's t-shirt and mini type weather here xD;

  2. Thank you! I'm so proud of it. I put it on my phone today (after the 24hr drying time) and it is so much cooler with the black phone underneath it.Winter is insane here, we've had above 0 celcius for two weeks now and it's plunged way below it. There were people in tank tops yesterday and now we're bundled to the neck it's horrid. XD

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