Good Day

Went shopping by myself today. It was nice to just have some time to myself.

I’ve been looking for a few things for about a month now and randomly found them today. At places I wouldn’t think of for said things. It was great! ^.^ One thing is a bathing cap. I want it to mostly protect my hair when I go swimming. When I say swimming I mean aqua size and treading water. I don’t like doing laps and I can’t put my face in the water without serious anxiety. I tried out a speedo long hair cap as I have a lot of hair, even if it is very short. By the time I managed to finally get all of my hair under it, it had pulled out a significant amount. Then upon removal it took more! It was awful. So back it went. I wanted an old fashioned bathing cap that women wore in the ’50s. I went into Winners on a whim, see what was there and BAM. There they are. I got two, one in leopard print and the other in a darling flower and sprout pattern. I’m ever so excited!
Also randomly at Winners, although I didn’t buy any as I have much, there was saffron threads and pure vanilla extract. The saffron was in a glass case so you could see them – they were saffron. The vanilla was a brand that I trust and use. I was impressed. Never underestimate Winners, it can surprise you!
The other thing I was looking for were a pair of small white winter gloves. I’ve always called them skating gloves as we used them for practice. They’re short cuffed and light weight. I wanted them to go under a darling pair of fingerless arm warmers that I purchased to finish a set I had. Well I found them. At Old Navy. Certainly a place I wouldn’t think of to look for gloves. Best of all? The price tag said $4.29, a deal for two pairs, when I was rung up they were $1.29 including tax! Wahoo!

Tomorrow I make the excursion to Michael’s for my decoden. I’ve held off until tomorrow because Micheal’s is having a big sale from 1pm – 7pm – 20% off your whole purchase! Score! I’m anxiously awaiting that. I’m very eager to start my project as I’ve planned out what I’m doing and am very excited.
My plan: On the lower half I’m planning a flush bow made of crystals. On the top right I’m planning a 3D bow (much like this double bow.) made of dark pink and lighter pink with white polka dots. I’m hoping to find a nice pink heart jewel for the center. The rest of the surface I’m hoping to find pearls in pink and white to fill in.
Fingers crossed it works out and I don’t throw it against a wall if it doesn’t. ^.^


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