I deviated from my diet plan today. It’s been hot out and I really wanted ice cream. Since I had already indulged I made the (bad) decision to indulge. Cream based pasta for dinner, cheese… oh man when I fall off the band wagon I do so brutally. Let’s just say bloated is an understatement. Not only did I have lactose, I had cornstarch in the alfredo sauce.
My boss is right, I did feel better these last few days. Although I really need to finish reading my Becoming Vegetarian: The complete guide to becoming a healthy vegetarian book. I had a crash the other day. Oh yes, on top of all of this business I am hypo-glycemic. Last night taught me that not only do I have to watch my caloric intake I need to eat more often with this new diet. They haven’t said much about that in the book yet as I’m only on page 100 or so.
The book, however, is actually a really good one. It gives nutritional facts, protein recommendations, and everything necessary to adopt a healthy meat-free lifestyle. I know many people have been worried about becoming vegetarian or vegan because it means adopting a lifestyle filled with supplements and drugs. This book outlines how to dive into this new lifestyle with out pills. That’s my kind of lifestyle!


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